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Wagner’s Farmland Experience is part of a family farming business with a long history in New Mexico. Jimmy and Roxanne Wagner started Wagner’s Farmland Experience in 2005, for the purpose of expanding opportunities for people to visit the farm for enriching experiences. The business strives to provide wholesome, family-oriented outdoor activities that help children of all ages experience life on the farm. The farmland experience started in Corrales as a six-acre corn maze, pumpkin patch and petting zoo.

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Farmer’s Daughters is a New Mexico Farm-To-Table company that partners with the best restaurants, breweries, and food trucks to serve the freshest ingredients from local farms. From a 4th generation New Mexican family that has been farming in Corrales, New Mexico on the central Rio Grande for over a century, their mission is to maintain, preserve, and protect New Mexico's agricultural heritage through the cultivation of the land, offering its bounty to others, hosting community events, and providing educational opportunities to the public. Farmer's Daughters also sell produce and farm products at local farmers’ markets and select retail stores.  





Every year the Wagners look for new and exciting additions to their Farmland Experience, but this year's theme is particularly special: Save the Space. At the end of 2017, 30 acres of land the family has leased for over 40 years will be listed for sale by the landowners. That includes the farmland where the Corn Maze currently sits!  Because farmers cannot keep pace with the high land prices in Corrales, this majestic piece of land that has educated and inspired countless children will more than likely be sold to housing developers. We need your help to protect this farmland and Save The Space!

In an effort to raise awareness, students and parents alike will navigate their way through a conservation-inspired maze that shows the various wildlife that depends on the corn maze and are at risk of losing their home. Examples are; Sandhill Cranes, Owls, Geese, and Roadrunners (the state bird). Once you successfully exit the maze you’ll find yourself in the popular pumpkin patch. Next on the agenda is a hayride pulled by a farm tractor that winds its way through fields and drops you off at the petting zoo. The friendly farmland animals are always a big hit with the kids who enjoy feeding and petting the animals. The park is the perfect setting for a light lunch or snacks and the final stop for more fun-filled activities.  Whether you’re six or sixty the wholesome outdoor fun of a country afternoon is hard to beat!


Call or email Mayor Kominiak and the Village Councilors at 505-897-0520 or and tell them we want farmland preservation for the Trosello property on the ballot.  

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